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Covid-19 Pandemic

The Foundation went a head with distribution of food stuff during the lockdown in other to ease the lockdown,
"Let's all give up for the Real MVPs during this crucial times. A big thank you to the Entire team that Made the Orile Iganmu Community Covid19 Response and love sharing Initiative. ‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear’ - Late Nelson Mandela Fear is being conscious, alert and preparing ahead of hurdles which lies ahead for us as human beings, positive expectations can definitely be limited by accepting fear as weakness rather than see it as a wake up call to pay attend to essential needs while development is in process. Precaution is key but we must conquer covid19 together through courage and prayers. As part of our Response to conquering Covid19 @AOCNIG will be donating food items to selected neighborhoods in Lagos State When we are determined, together we can overcome anything
During this period of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, Him and his team initiated a massive Sensitization/awareness Campaign in low income and vulnerable Communities across Lagos to educate them on the precautionary measures against the spread of the Virus and also initiated a Food bank program called Relief/No hungry Project which has gone on to feed over 2700 families and over 4000 individuals and we collaborated with Obinna patrick and Olamide Baddo to reach out to another 2,500 families in Bariga axis of Lagos. He also launched another feeding program which is to run for 4 weeks called operation Feed the 5000 where already prepared meals are shared at strategic locations across the state to ease the excruciating effect of the lock down due to the pandemic outbreak. In line with our SSEE project(Sanitize,sensitize,empower and engage)initiative was launched
#Covid-19 #HealtheWorld"
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Sensitization Awareness

Sensitization/Awareness Campaign by Agents of Change Africa had the team reached 27 streets in Orile Iganmu.What have you contributed to your community to help the less privileged survive through the pandemic outbreak? We all have roles to play as members of our various Communities to fight this Common enemy that has been ravaging the Globe. During the exercise we had the message passed on to our people in English, yoruba n pidgin. Awareness is a key part of winning this battle and so we as an advocacy network have taken it up on ourselves to play our role as patriotic citizens and active members of our dear community. We can Win if we fight it together. Why blame them if we don't teach them. Please we are Calling on Members of communities to please show love to one another, as we will be needing a lot of love to survive these few days "As we venture through this treacherous times together, we refuse to be taken over by the darkness that comes with it but look forward to the shining light ahead. Which will definitely shine through. We can do this TOGETHER but only if we STAY SAFE, STAY STRONG, STAY CARING & STAY HOME. I love you, WE love you." - Oluwaseun Olayiwola for AGENTS OF CHANGE AFRICA
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International day for Education 2020

In commemorating the international day for Education 2020, Agents of change Africa has Kickstarted its scholarship initiative themed "Street to School" project under the SSEE (sanitaze,sensitize,empower and engage) Umbrella which will ensure that every child picked up from the street by our on field team is sent to school with every requirements. 5 children will enjoyed Free education with distribution of school materials donated by @imperialeclectic courtesy support from Members of the board. we want to specially thank madam Adeniji Adeola @deedeedfinest for the generous donation towards this project. the great Nelson Mandela once said " Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. we also at Agents of Africa want to seize this opportunity to plead with every person out there to please continue to contribute their little quota to making the world a better place for all of us. the change we crave for starts with you and i.
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Free Digital Skill

We are so proud to announce a very important Technical support partnership with Grow the tribe Africa @growthtribeafrica and @google @digitalskillsaf for the 2 week power packed free ICT training program for Orile iganmu community and it's environ. .
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Raising Awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension

Have you taken out time to ask, what is Pulmonary hypertension? how many people die without proper diagnosis /treatment of pulmonary hypertension? Pulmonary hypertension is a deadly progressive disease that affects the heart and lungs. It exists in Nigeria .but it is still so unknown. The team from Agents of change Africa led by the Co-founder HADJI AHMED KWAME @kwamekitchen joined @cardiaccommunity @PHwalk @mzayotunde @jideflash and other great individuals from across the state for #phighter #walkforPH #PHawareness #PHwalkstand against it by joining the walk to raise awareness as on the 11th of may 2019, conveyance was at the National stadium lagos by 7am. We are so happy to meet,walk against this big, little known about killer disease. Together let's take a stand against pulmonary hypertension by raising awareness.
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Walk Against Drug Abuse with MTN.NG

Spent the Day with @mtnng for the anti substance abuse programme #ASAP at the civic center, the event which is a multi-stakeholder initiative designed to deliver interventions that can contribute to a significant reduction in the rate of first-time users of addictive substances and drugs Amongst young Nigerians age between 10-25 years. My take is Mtn should work with grass root NGOs who are already on ground like @aocafrica and the likes with the help of the government and other local and multi-national companies. #SaynotoDrugAbuse. #iamanAgentofChange.
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Walk Against Drug Abuse

Please join us tomorrow 11th of may 2018 at 3,imalenfealafia street by Alagba for a 1 hour walk against drug abuse, immorality and violence in young adults To mobilize and carry out a door to door engagement with youths of the local community. We take off by 8am and by 9am we are back. Please join the movement. We are Nigerian youths, we are not lazy, we are not drug addicts. We are the strength and tomorrow's leaders of this great nation. Nigeria will flourish again. #saynotodrugs #saynotodrugabuse #saynotoimmorality #saynotoViolence. I am an agent of change, what are you? Please kindly rebroadcast and share on your platform because someones life might just depend on it. Thank you as you share..
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Kwame's kitchen presents A 3 DAYS SEMINAR / WORKSHOP
TAGGED: just that one special step It promises to be mind blowing and educating
SIDE ATTRACTION: it will showcase the very best of catering and all its encompasses, motivational speech, lectures and practicals from selected artisan works. The grand finale will showcase a season social empowerment advocate, a child protection thinker and a legal practitioner.
SPEAKERS: Engr. Salawu Hakeem, Anita Okafor, Deejay Arkman, Odunbanjo Lukman and Talented (BJ)
DATE: 10th, 11th and 12th sept 2014 TIIME: 10am - 3pm daily VENUE: 16 orowunmi street orile iganmu Lagos.
ADMISSION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! And its open to people of all age and gender.
Proudly sponsored by: ashy azland steel company limited, salsid cafe and iya awilo food stuff.
....Good food, good health....
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